Why is SEO so important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process that helps your customers connect with your website.

More than 60.000 searches take places every second!

SEO is not just about search engine rankings but also about being found when it matters most.

Most Internet users start their session by looking for something: that something is a need. People use the internet to satisfy their need for information, whether it’s a bet on what Queen guitarist Brian May has a degree in (astrophysics) or finding a restaurant, a perfect piece of clothing or the ideal company to renovate your home.

Online experiences that start with a search engine
People who rely on the first pages of search engine results
Users looking online for a product before making a purchase

How does seo work?

It all starts with search engines (like Google or Bing)...
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Step 01
...Each search engine uses software (crawlers) to collect the contents and information of all the internet websites in order to create an index...
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Step 02
...When someone does a search, the search engine's algorithm sifts through that index to deliver the most important and relevant information in the search results.
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And this is where SEO comes in

Optimization allows us to help search engines understand what's on your website, the value your business has to offer, and how you link to relevant keywords.

It is the foundation that drives organic traffic to your website and strengthens every aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

But search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms and strategies to meet the growing demands of users. That's why it's essential to keep a sustainable optimization strategy that works continuously for you and your business.


Analysis of your website

Understanding the weaknesses of your site, both from a technical and content point of view, do a competitor analysis, set up a 360 ° strategy that can include the optimization of existing pages, a social or digital marketing campaign, everything you need to direct your potential customers to your company.

On-page SEO

Improve your online visibility and earn high quality traffic. It is important that your web pages are technically best aligned with all search engine algorithms to increase the reliability of your website.

Technical SEO

Ranking can improve with your website optimizations, such as page speed improvement. With the technical SEO, you make life easier for search engines to crawl your website. And when you make the search engines happy, your site ranking will make you happy!

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a core component of any marketing strategy. Understanding what customers are searching for on the web, paired with your brand's products or services can help you increase traffic, conversions and visibility.

Web copy Creation

For many years SEO Copywriting was about including search keywords in web copy, with the repeating of selected words and phrases over a number of pages. However, this no longer seems to be an effective strategy. Instead, a more human approach to writing web copy is now needed. Writing simply yet effectively for the purpose of attracting the attention of visitors, enticing them to read the page in full, and directing them towards key information. All in a way that Google finds acceptable.

Link Building

The process of building links to your website is the crucial first step to successful search engine optimization (SEO). Link building should be done regularly and can produce great results. It's important to comprehend link building tactics and learn how they work. From there, you can determine which link building strategy works best for your website.